Welcome to Kumaran Nursery Garden Madurai

We are the Leading producers and suppliers of all kinds of Ornamental, House plants, Medicinal plants, Seasonal plants, Avenue plants, Fruit plants and Land scape developers in Madurai.

We have plants of very good quality at reasonable rate. All the plants are produced in our garden Plants of various hybrid varieties. Quality We produce, Honestly We serve. your place peaceful and bring natural air for refreshment of our mind. Our organization is managed by experienced professionals who help us in offering beautifully designed and constructed landscaping services to our clients.

At Kumaran Nursery Garden, our visitors can move around and pick from a full range of custom planters, We specialize in the cultivation and sale of plants, landscaping, sale of garden accessories, equipments, and inputs, Our products and services have adorned individual homes, bungalows, offices, and corporates and we enjoy a dedicated clientele.

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