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Sensational Spring Container

Containers filled with dramatic and colorful foliage plants can be sensational. Here a very simple, but dramatic, combination of coleus, fancy-leaved begonia and elephant’s ear.

Dramatic Container Combination

When it comes to containers, now, anything goes—shrubs, tropical, houseplants, perennials, you name it! Here is a dramatic combination of Calocasia, New Guinea impatiens, and coleus.

Container Mashup

This is a great container mashup of red-leaved banana, black-leaved sweet potato vine, red New Guinea impatiens and golden Plectranthus.

Colorful Foliage Mix

Colorful foliage doesn’t have to come from trees! Coral bells (Heuchera) provide rich leaf colors for fall. Set off dark-leaved coral bells with the brighter foliage of variegated sage and euphorbia as your see here. The burnished tones of the ornamental grass, Carex, add to the autumn feel.

Impatiens for Shady Spots

You can’t beat impatiens for shady spots. When you have a beautiful wall planter like this on, keep the planting simple so the eye can appreciate both the planter and the plants!

Spring Kitchen Garden

Early spring is a transition time in the edible garden. It’s not too late to plant fast-growing cool-season crops like lettuces, broccoli, and onions. Of course, a true kitchen garden has flowers for cutting, too.

Simple Rows Are Best

Even in very small gardens, simple rows are the best for edibles. It makes it easy to replace a crop once it’s finished. Just keep things rotating throughout the year. Here, a newly planted double row of basil is placed between lettuces and parsley, transitioning between spring and summer.